Skin District MarlousSkin District was founded by me: Marlous.

Due to thyroid problems, I started eating healthier a few years ago. Over time, in addition to eating more consciously, I wanted to live more consciously. Skin care and cosmetics are a big part of this. ‘If we are careful about what we put in our bodies why aren’t we careful about what we put on them?’

I devoured books on skincare and found that when it comes to skincare, we are mostly guided by the shiny packaging and marketing slogans of big brands instead of really looking at what is good for us and our skin. And even if you switch to natural products, you still need to pay attention. Many supposedly “natural” products contain a lot of crap that doesn’t do your skin and health any good, or they contain good active ingredients but in too much of a low concentration to mean anything. I thought why isn’t this more widely known? Also if you go to the standard beauty salons you get misinformation and they mostly work with brands that they claim address skin problems, but if you look closer they contain more substances that you would rather not put on your skin. So that has to change!

I also noticed that more and more girlfriends around me were falling for Botox and fillers. Now that I saw my first wrinkles appearing myself, I felt the social pressure more and more, but somewhere I also found it scary and didn’t feel good about it. So I also thought this has to change, but how….. In my search, I found out that there are plenty of alternative techniques to slow down skin aging and certainly in combination with products with the right ingredients.

To make my message more powerful, I retrained (from a management and legal background) as a beautician and tried and talked to just about every “conscious” brand. Thus, eventually, Skin District was born: a “holistic beauty salon” with beautiful, natural, conscious products and honest education. Holistic because I try to look at the whole body. After all, beautiful skin is healthy skin and you get it by giving it the right treatment, from the outside, but also certainly from the inside with the right nutrition and relaxation.

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