Acne is a complex skin condition with several causes. More than 80% of teenagers and about 4% of adults suffer from acne.

In extreme cases, medication is necessary, but in general, the skin can be brought back into balance by restoring the bacterial flora on the skin. This can be done by taking a number of lifestyle measures and paying close attention to what products are applied to the skin.

There are 4 main factors that cause Acne:

1. High sebum production;
2. Accumulation of dead skin cells at the exit of the hair follicle;
3. Bacterial overgrowth; and
4. Ignition.


  • Keep your skin’s acidity level right – your products should have a ph value of around 4.5 -5.5.
  • Avoid dairy products.
  • Swallow a good quality probiotic supplement and apply live probiotics to your skin to target the species that cause acne.
  • Use mild exfoliants and not harsh scrubs. Thickened skin can cause pimples but exfoliation is not a long-term solution because the skin will respond with accelerated cell division at the basal cell level.
  • Avoid drying cleansers and toners with alcohol – both have a negative effect on your skin’s natural microflora.
  • Skin with acne gets scars easily so make sure this is handled properly so they are not permanent.
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure due to scarring.

Clarifying facial or follow a special course for skin problems

RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS FOR HOME (want a customized consultation? Fill out the free skin consultation form)

Eqology Omega-3

Esse Clarifying line (available only for severe acne)
Esse Gel Cleanser

Esse Bakuchiol Serum
Esse Repair Oil
Esse Biome Mist
Esse Microderm Exfoliator
Esse Clay Mask
Esse Light Moisturiser or Omega Light moisturiser
Esse Probiotic Serum

Note: If your skin is not yet used to Clean Beauty or Esse Skin Care, our advice is to start with the Esse Sensitive line and introduce it step by step so that your skin can slowly get used to it.

Check out the proper routine below:


You will see and notice that in a few weeks, your skin will be glowing like never before. Are products starting to run out after this period and your skin is nicely balanced? Then you can gradually replace these products with the products from the advice above. Again, do this one step at a time.