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The handmade, non-toxic Brandt soy candles are cast in Utrecht with great care for the craft of candle making. The style of these beautiful candles is inspired by vintage pharmacy combined with a touch of modernity. Whether you live in a sleek designer home or have a romantic wedding, these candles go with everything.

Giselle Habraken started Brandt candles in April 2015 after learning the craft in Sunset Park, New York City in one of the most inspiring candle studios to be found overseas. Back in the Netherlands, she started her own label because she missed making candles.

The process is simple and the candles are poured in small quantities. Everything is done with precision and care, from preparing the candle to labeling it. Burning candles exude a warm cozy atmosphere that beats any cold winter day. Burn candles can be used at any summer dinner table and fill your room with a nature-inspired scent.

Brandt uses 100% soy wax from small farms, cotton wicks, the finest natural oils and responsible gift packaging. Soy wax is a sustainable natural product, burns 30% to 45% longer than regular kerosene candles and releases no soot. Brandt’s soy wax comes from American soil, primarily from Illinios, Iowa and Indiana. This premium soy wax is made from the oil of soybeans. The beans are grown, cleaned, crushed, peeled and rolled into flakes, all in an agriculturally sustainable manner. Thus, the remains of the beans are used as animal feed, no pesticides and herbicides are used, they are not genetically engineered and 100% biodegradable.

The wicks Brandt uses are lead and zinc free. Thus, no metals are added. Perhaps more clearly, the wick is made of natural cotton flat wires interwoven with paper threads.

The candles use the highest quality essential oils made especially for Brandt in Europe. In addition, the oils are made specifically for soy wax candles which ensures that the wax can mix perfectly with the oil. The oils are non-toxic.

The labels on each candle are made of recycled paper and the Packaging is made of 75% recycled paper made and carries the European recognized symbol of RESY.