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At Skin District, we work with the South African brand Esse Probiotic Skincare and you can order Esse online in the webshop. A natural, organic line that focuses on the skin’s microflora. Research has revealed that the skin is made up of billions of bacteria. These bacteria are deep within your skin structure and work with your own skin cells to ensure the intricate chemistry that makes for glowing skin. So the bacteria on your skin are just as important as the bacteria in your gut.

Therefore, Esse has added probiotics and prebiotics in all its products. Esse litters the skin with good bacteria that fight the bad ones that age the skin and also nourishes the skin with prebiotics, the food for the good bacteria to restore the skin flora to a healthy state. Naturally, Esse’s products are also free of parabens, petrochemicals and artificial fragrances and dyes. The high-quality ingredients eliminate the need for these chemicals in facial care products. Also nice to know is that Esse is vegan, certified organic, animal-tested and fair trade.

To optimize the results of our treatments, it is possible to purchase Esse products to use at home as well. At Skin District, you can order Esse online or pick it up at the salon. Esse has different products for different skin types. After all, every skin type has its specific needs.

If you have not used Esse Probiotic Skincare products before, and are not sure if you will like them, it is possible to purchase a trial set. This contains several miniatures of products from the same line put together. When switching to Esse, we recommend starting first with the Sensitive line for 4-8 weeks to allow your skin to get used to Esse’s high-quality ingredients. After that, it is possible to switch to the other products. Of course, for personal advice, you are always welcome to call or email us.

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