Face Yoga by Anna van Neerven

Face yoga in Haarlem

Do you want to naturally shape and elevator your face? Do you want to shine inside and out?

Then get acquainted with face yoga at Skin District in Haarlem!

What is face yoga?

Face yoga is a method of shaping and relaxing your face. It is a natural and healthy alternative to botox, fillers and plastic surgery.

In face yoga, you combine proven facial exercises, breathing and facial massage techniques to exercise your facial muscles and skin and support your lymphatic system.

Regular practice of face yoga provides a natural elevator and radiant skin.

Why begin face yoga?

Did you know that your face is made up of as many as 60 muscles? As we age, the skin produces less collagen, this protein that provides facial firmness. This reduction of collagen in the tissue causes the skin to sag and droop.

In addition, the skull also changes as you age. The skull shrinks and bone density decreases. The muscles and skin do not shrink with them and sink down.

Regular practice of face yoga provides, among other things:

  • Boosting collagen production.
  • Radiant skin.
  • Reduction of lines & wrinkles.
  • Defined face.
  • Feminine jawline.
  • Larger and open eyes.
  • Reduction of dark circles & bags under the eyes.
  • Smoother skin.
  • Stimulation of blood circulation.
  • More symmetrical face
  • Reduced double chin
  • Reduction of marionette lines and smoker lines.
  • Relaxation
  • More self-confidence
  • And so much more…

Face yoga with Anna
Anna of Face yoga with Anna never imagined that face yoga would transform both her face and life. She was looking for a natural way of grooming and shaping her face.

Once she started face yoga exercises, she saw a difference within two weeks. Her face became more radiant, she gained an open gaze and is aware of her facial expressions.

Since practicing face yoga, she has been radiant inside and out. Now that she knows it is possible to naturally shape and elevator your face, she wants to share this with every woman, regardless of age!

Anna received her training from face yoga expert Fumiko Takatsu and is certified as a face yoga method teacher.

Personalized face yoga sessions at Skin District

Whether you are new or familiar with face yoga, you are welcome for a personal face yoga session with Anna van Neerven. She currently treats exclusively women.

At a very first session, Anna starts by creating a face map. In doing so, she observes your face, skin, muscles and symmetry. Based on this face map and your wishes, she bases her advice; face yoga postures and massage techniques appropriate for you.

During a face yoga session, you will experience different exercises and massage techniques. Breathing and posture are also considered. The muscles in the face are delicate and during this session Anna will correct where necessary so that you don’t learn the “wrong” patterns and achieve the desired results.

Every Wednesday & Friday you can join Anna for a face yoga session. You book a session through our booking system. There are the following sessions you can book:

Face Yoga Radiant Renewal – 1x
Experience one face yoga session tailored to your needs and goals. Anna guides you during this session with exercises and facial massages. Face yoga is the natural and safe alternative to botox, fillers and plastic surgery. After the face yoga session, you will experience a lifting effect, a natural glow and relaxation in the face.
Price: 92 euros
Face Yoga Serene Radiance Series – 3x
In this series, you will learn how to elevator and shape your face naturally. This is done through proven facial exercises and massages, guided by Anna. You will not only experience the support of face yoga for your face, but also see actual changes. Face yoga is the replacement for botox, fillers and plastic surgery. This range provides an inner and outer glow.
Price: 270 euros
Face Yoga Timeless Glow Pathway – 5x
This course is for you if you really want to discover how face yoga can shape, elevator and make your whole face even more radiant. Anna guides you during these sessions to actually get results. Face yoga is the alternative to botox, fillers and plastic surgery, and you’ll find that the facial exercises, massages and lymphatic drainage support you in doing so. After these 5 sessions, you will see that your face is radiant inside and out.
Price: 440 euros
Face Yoga Mastery Session – 1x
Deepen your current face yoga practice with this session. Designed especially for women who have previously been introduced to Anna’s guidance, this session takes you even deeper into the details of face yoga. Dive deeper into your knowledge, exercises and overall experience with face yoga.
Price: 92 euros


Contact details Anna

E-mail: hello@faceyogawithanna.nl

Instagram: @faceyogawithanna

Site: >> http://faceyogawithanna.nl/


“From the beginning it felt very familiar with Anna. She is a fun personality and inspires me tremendously. I’m so glad I got to know her. I was impressed with her own before and after photos, but now I am also incredibly proud of my own results! After more than six months, I have a much tighter jawline and skin, better posture and a much less tired face. I continue to apply face yoga in my daily routine and I continue to visit Anna 1 on 1.” – Cornelie

“I attended the Face yoga transformational package of 4 sessions with Anna. I experienced these sessions as very pleasant and relaxing. After each session I received the exercises by email and was able to review them at my leisure. Step by step we arrived at a beautiful set of exercises that I enjoy doing every day. And the result is already visible after a few weeks: a radiant skin, open look, better posture and elevator of my cheeks. In short, highly recommended!” – Vera

“In four face-to-face sessions, I learned an awful lot from Anna. I already knew quite a bit about Face Yoga, but the individual attention and the videos created especially for me helped me tremendously. Especially also in the awareness of the execution of the exercises and daily postures The result is a ‘tighter’ face, better blood flow to the skin, eyes that are slightly more symmetrical, and above all, more fun in the exercises!” – Hilde