Led Therapie Huidverbetering

Led Therapy

We now offer skin-enhancing LED therapy in Haarlem and have chosen Dermalux®.

Dermalux® comes out best in scientific studies, is the market leader in the UK and has already won several (medical) awards!

Dermalux® LED Phototherapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses the power of pure light to naturally stimulate skin rejuvenation and provide a solution to skin problems for the body and face.

Clinically proven results
LED Phototherapy (Light Therapy) is a clinically proven treatment known for its restorative and anti-inflammatory properties. Using the latest generation of Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology,
Dermalux® delivers study-supported proven results with its red, blue and near-infrared wavelengths in precisely tuned dosage, intensity and output. This results in perfect results for a wide range of cosmetic and dermatological skin conditions.

The Power of Light

The blue light fights inflammation and impurities without causing irritation. The light destroys the bacteria on the skin that cause pimples, redness and inflammation. It also has a positive and calming effect on other skin conditions associated with irritation and redness.
The red light has a strong skin rejuvenating effect. It accelerates cell renewal, provides a collagen and elastin boost and improves hydration. This results in smooth, even and firmer skin. The perfect solution for restoring vitality and a glow.
Near Infrared Light has a very strong effect on cell regeneration and thus a great influence on skin rejuvenation properties. It vitalizes the skin, soothes redness and irritation and helps reduce pigmentation spots.


Safe and comfortable
Unlike other more invasive treatments, which only work when the body acts on localized damage and trauma, Dermalux® provides a non-invasive, pain-free and a relaxing treatment suitable for all skin types with no downtime. Consider;

– Skin Rejuvenation
– Acne and problem skin
– Rosacea
– Pigmentation and age spots
– Psoriasis
– Accelerated skin repair

The Dermalux® systems also have preset treatment programs for these specific conditions. Each program takes 20 minutes to give the optimal treatment result.

Medical CE mark, FDA approved.


-Photosensitive medication

Only with a physician’s permission:
-Heart Diseases
-Eye Diseases

The skin may be a little red immediately after treatment due to the accelerated circulation, but this treatment has no downtime. Makeup and creams can also be applied immediately after treatment. However, it is important to apply an SPF.


  • Individual Treatment €50
  • As an Extra Boost with every facial €35.
  • Cure 10 Led treatments (8+2 free) €400.

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