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MERME Skincare was already hot in Germany, but now also in the Netherlands! MERME Berlin is pure and powerful clean beauty skincare. MERME follows a philosophy of minimal ingredients. This means the products are stripped down to their 100% potency, with no hidden fillers, synthetics or chemicals. They use only the most reliable and potent ingredients, consciously and sustainably sourced from around the world.

The overarching ideology focuses on “minimalism in a bottle” – with this fundamental product line consisting of 100% botanical ingredients, and the other with innovative biotechnological ingredients. The products are so powerful that they stand alone, untouched and without added fragrances or synthetics. With the goal of making skin care easy and effective for everyone, MERME Berlin is a simple, effective range of skin essentials based on the best ingredients. They serve everyone from the Green Beauty Beginner to the All-time Beauty Junkie who has tried everything and wants to get back to basics.

MERME was founded by Australian Claire Ralston. Claire’s passion for clean skincare began during her studies at the Australian College of Natural Beauty, where she took a particular interest in the effectiveness of non-clinical and natural beauty methods. This, combined with another decade in the magazine and beauty industry, resulted in one conclusion: even so-called “natural” skin care products were full of unnecessary chemicals and toxins.

After moving to Berlin in 2014, she was unable to find organic skincare ingredients that were good for you and gave her that sought-after healthy glow, so she started buying them herself – from then on MERME was born. MERME Berlin, launched in 2016, has grown from a unique facial oil to more than 12 different clean skincare options that can be combined into an individualized treatment formula. The main product is a cold-pressed rosehip oil inspired by the beauty routine of Claire’s grandmother, whose nickname is also the brand’s namesake. Her philosophy with minimal ingredients is inspired by her late grandmother, who always used homemade, organic oils to align the skin.

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