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Inika Organic is an organic certified brand from Australia for natural makeup and cosmetics. Inika’s makeup is 100% natural, contains no parabens and other harmful substances (see below).
Inika has broken the myth that natural makeup is corny and boring. They have also won more than 35 international awards which further proves that it is a very popular natural makeup brand nationally and internationally.

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INIKA Organic’s best-selling product is the award winning INIKA long lash mascara. This mascara is so good that it was named best natural mascara of 2018 by Glamour and continues to receive annual awards! INIKA uses 100% plant and natural ingredients to increase the length and volume of lashes. The new volumizing brush head ensures the perfect amount of mascara is applied every time.

INIKA Organic Make-Up
INIKA was created in 2006 and has since been marketed as a highly confidential organic and vegan makeup brand. In that time, INIKA is proud to have become a globally recognized and trusted brand for organic and natural makeup. A pioneer in organic makeup with wholesome ingredients that are good for humans and animals. Quality is the most important thing. All ingredients are ethically sourced, natural and made from botanicals and minerals.

The Difference of INIKA Organic Makeup
INIKA’s products are certified organic, 100% natural, mineral-based, vegan, cruelty-free and toxin-free. INIKA Organic makeup is also gluten-free and lactose-free! INIKA Organic Make-Up’s philosophy is to create only the most beautiful, healthy, high-end makeup products for a natural look. Beauty comes from health, INIKA believes. Being beautiful is more than just how you look. It is holistic, from the food you consume to the oxygen you breathe. This makes Inika a perfect fit for Skin Distrcit -))