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Africa Organics is an EcoCert approved 100% natural line that uses potent, natural and organic raw materials from Africa.

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The brand is endorsed by Phytotrade Africa, a visionary Fair Trade initiative that promotes community projects in sub-Saharan Africa. Also, by “Beauty without Cruelty” (PETA) and the “Vegan Society.

The line is free of harmful chemicals including parabens, petrochemicals, sulfates, silicones, animal raw materials, ethoxylated or PEG raw materials, propylene glycol and other raw materials that are “red-flagged” according to the Ecocert standard.
During the formulation of Africa Organics, the Ecocert and COSMOS standards were taken as a starting point with which to combine its own ethical values and standards. Data on biodegradability and skin sensitivity were considered, as well as the manufacturing processes of all ingredients.

Of course, it would be less fun not to try to develop something groundbreaking: a 100% natural origin of the raw materials of all products, including hair care. Certified organic spoke for itself. Furthermore, a minimum of 5% of the raw materials had to come from Fair Trade so that a real contribution is made to the communities of Africa. All raw materials that would not be suitable for sensitive skin have cleared the field.
In addition, they work closely with PhytoTrade Africa. They monitor the sustainability of the wild harvest and ensure that harvesters are paid fairly and promptly. So every time you buy a product from Africa Organics, someone from rural Africa benefits.