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Bon Parfumeur is a new, fresh clean perfume house from Paris, founded in 2017. With the goal of creating an original, natural, contemporary, affordable, artistic perfume made with 100% love. Bon Parfumeur Bon Parfumeur works with 11 French perfumers who have carte blanche when it comes to creating the fragrances. The collection consists of a total of 22 perfumes divided into 10 (color) categories and segmented into fragrance areas.

Bon Parfumeur is clean and sustainable!
– Clean because: The perfumes are natural (minimum 85% to 96%), no dye is ever used in their
perfumes, all controversial ingredients such as parabens, phthalate, formaldehyde, etc.) are absolutely excluded.
– Sustainable because the perfumes are made in France with 100% recyclable glass bottles. The outer packaging is made of new and recycled pulp with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) label and
paper and cardboard come from sustainably managed forests.

As already indicated, Bon Parfumeur is free of all bad ingredients. So why alcohol anyway? It makes the overall product good to spray, the alcohol dissipates quickly but the fragrance ingredients remain on the skin.

The perfumes speak for themselves; each series/color represents a fragrance segment:
000 / gray / cologne (citrus oriented)
100 / light pink / floral
200 / yellow / fruity
300 / red / amber & spicy;
400 / purple / oriental (vanilla, warm, slightly sweet)
500 / magenta / nut & light sweet
600 / green / wood tones
700 / brown / aromatic
800 / blue / aqua & fresh
900 / black / The men’s fragrance

The 3 main elements are on the bottle and packaging (in English on the back of the packaging). The packaging also states whether the perfume is fresh or intense, and the nice thing is that this also allows you to mix with the fragrances and create your own unique scent. We also give this as advice with each song, conveniently -))