Esse Probiotic Skincare Plus line

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Esse probiotic Skincare Plus line
Esse Probiotic Skincare Plus line! At Skin District, in addition to the Esse Core and the Esse Sensitive line, we also have the Esse Probiotic Skincare Plus line. This is an anti-aging line with the highest quality active ingredients and the highest doses of probiotics. No expense was spared to develop this anti-aging line.

Also, Esse Probiotic Skincare Plus line seeds the skin with good bacteria that fight against the bad ones that age the skin and also nourishes the skin with prebiotics, the food for the good bacteria in order to get the skin flora healthy again. Microbiome Skincare is the future!!!

Naturally, Esse Plus products are also free of parabens, mineral oils and artificial fragrances and dyes. The high-quality ingredients eliminate the need for these chemicals in facial care products. Also nice to know is that Esse is vegan, certified organic, animal-tested and fair trade.

The products in the Esse Plus Line include: the Esse Plus Defense Moisturiser, Esse Plus Restorative Moisturiser, Esse Plus Eye Contour Cream, Esse Plus Ageless Serum, Esse Plus Intensity Serum and the flagship product the Esse Plus Probiotic Serum with live bacteria. This is the world’s first product with live bacteria meant to quickly rebalance skin flora.

In addition to being able to purchase products for home use, we at Skin District also have a special Esse Plus treatment. In this treatment we use all the plus products, of course, but also special masks and ampoules to boost the skin even more. You can book this special treatment here.

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