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Guud has carefully selected her supplements for their efficacy and quality. They are approved by the FAVV (Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain) and the ingredients are linked to health claims. In doing so, we collaborated with pharmacist Charis D. Milonas who has a Masters in Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences to formulate our supplements. The result are supplements that make you happy.

All Guud products are: 100% natural, made from sustainable ingredients, without unnecessary fillers and dyes, formulated so that you can combine all 4 of them and scientifically formulated and made in Belgium.

How did Guud come to be?

When Morgane was diagnosed with PCOS, doctors could not help her. This hormonal disorder makes getting pregnant difficult, and in her case, she also suffered from mood-swings and hormonal acne. She retrained as a Nutrition & Fertility Coach and discovered that small lifestyle changes, combined with the right supplements, had a positive effect on her cycle and fertility.

She knew she could help other women, too. But the supplement industry is confusing, and many products contain unnecessary fillers and dyes that do not work effectively. Morgane & Jan decided that things could be different and were therefore convinced to make something better.

After much research & investigation, Guud Woman was born with its own line of supplements with the best active and natural ingredients scientifically proven to support your health and menstrual cycle.