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Synergy Skin is a skin care brand with a Clean Science® philosophy. In short, this means that they combine the best naturally derived ingredients with the best possible (non-toxic, of course) synthetically produced ingredients to truly improve the skin. This synergy of ingredients ensures ethical and effective skin care.

Therefore, Synergy offers the guarantee that all its products:

  • bring about a visible and positive improvement in your skin;
  • penetrate deep into the skin (at the cellular level) for optimal results;
  • be safe, user-friendly and stylish.

There are already many “natural” product lines on the market that feel mild and nurturing, yet have little cosmeceutical impact on the skin. Even natural ingredients can have harmful effects on your skin if used incorrectly. The difference with Synergy Skin is the highly controlled use of the most effective parts from science and nature based on clinical data. Combining mutually reinforcing and complementary elements, while omitting potentially harmful ingredients, is at the heart of the philosophy.

What Synergy omits from its formulas is as important as what it does add, and the long-term health of your skin is always its first priority. All Synergy products are FREE of:

    • Parabens
    • Phenoxyethanol
    • Microplastics
    • SLS or other sodium sulfates
    • Phthalates
    • PEGs
    • Propylene glycol
    • Artificial dyes
    • Artificial fragrances
    • Talk
    • Dimeticon

Animal Friendly
Alternative ways of testing skin products than animal testing are not only ethical, but also provide more accurate research results. To achieve and maintain Australian CCF certification, Synergie Skin has proven that not only every product, but certainly every single ingredient was/is not tested on animals. This certification is a great pride of Synergy Skin.

100% Autralian
All Synergy Skin products are 100% Australian; the vertically integrated main building is located in Melbourne. They consider themselves to be a completely transparent company; customers are always welcome with them and are allowed to know everything about our development and production processes.

Everything under one roof
The company and facility are unique because of its 100% “vertical integration. This means that Synergy formulates, tests, and develops its products in the lab at the facility. Then the products are manufactured, packaged, labeled and shipped from our integrated warehouse. Because they have all of their operations under one roof, they have the ability to control every production activity; from concept to shipment. This allows them to respond to new developments much faster and make improvements faster than others. In this way, customers are assured of the highest quality product Australia has to offer and the knowledge that each order is personally made and packaged by the Synergy team.

Female Scientist
Terri is both managing director and cosmetic chemist with a very broad knowledge of cosmetic science and a great passion to share knowledge. Her academic background in biological science allows her to formulate her formulas with an all-encompassing knowledge of ingredients, their effects and impact on the skin. Always at the forefront of the cosmetic industry, Terri is constantly searching for the latest active, safe and ethical ingredients for its formulas based on the “clean science” philosophy. All key ingredients are verified using clinical data and good science, not the latest trends and hypes.